Monday, April 14, 2014

Update Since Midterm

I moved Space Babies (Toddler Defense) to iOS and have been chipping away at functionality and art. Thought of a cooler game mechanic where you have to save your base from flooding in an allotted time and when you kill aliens, they'll drop a random toy (e.g. Radioactive Ball in a Cup) you can collect.

Inspired as a toy from this universe 

Largest lesson learned from this experience: you can never have enough project management.

List of things to do (for my own sanity):
Large tree asset
Greenery, bushes and vines
Win screen with satisfying counters
Animations for the alien
Finish animations for the human
Menu redesign for fitting to music?

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here's some gameplay for my Unity alpha. I will be fleshing out mechanics and environments in the next 8 weeks.

Toddler Defense Gameplay (Alpha) from Dillon Sommerville on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Early Rough GDD

Image boards to describe my direction:

Toddler Defense (Working Title)

Suluco, a recent 2083 CE advent of virtual reality taps deep within the users’ child psyche, allowing them to experience the bliss of being a child again, while enjoying the uncanny mayhem of 2020’s shooters. Unfortunately, you were among the earliest beta testers, trapped upon someone rewriting the software midgame. It is up to you and group of three other individuals to complete the game in order to safely separate your minds from the machine.

Rough plot:
Stuck within a virtual reality game by the work of exterior forces, you must lead your crew to different control points, grabbing orbs of energy to return to your home base. Once all the orbs are returned, your mind and the software will become separated safely. It all isn’t quite that simple, however. There seems to be a horde of other users in the game, and they aren’t exactly from Earth. In between control points, your squad can choose to setup camp for the night, or return to your base. During the camping sessions, you find out more about the backstory of your teammates and what their life is like outside of the game, slowly piecing together why someone would purposefully endanger your lives.

A 3rd person cooperative action adventure shooter game in which you and 3 other crew members must capture specific control points to progress the story and complete the game. Each control point does not have to be chosen linearly and how you choose the control points decides how the story will unravel for you.
Control points provide stations at which you can upgrade weapons and armor, as well as pickups that allow you to turn into your adult self for a limited time and crush enemies with extreme ease.

Artistic Style Outline:
            The overall style should describe a highly stylized 3D game drawing inspiration from the more recent Rayman games, Awesomenauts, and Sly Cooper as well as from artists like Alexandre Zedig Diboine, Jonathan Fletcher, and Ahmad Beiruty.

            UI organization will be attuned to Dead Space, but will still hold a visual style that closely resembles the character and environment designs.

            The home base of the game is a friendly forest of massive hollow trees in which elevators reside to take child residents up to their treehouses. Colors remain in warm-green and orange tones to make the player feel at home.

            Other locations in the game include a frozen tundra, swamp, and desert, all upon an alien planet in which the dominant creatures hail from the swamp.

            Humans are all the size of 7 to 10 years olds, with repeating simplistic forms of circles and squares. Colors are generally warm and saturated, with tertiary elements taking on cool tones for contrast within the character. Weapons for humans resemble that of 1950’s toy ray guns and their suits are that of science fiction astronauts.

Aliens are the size of 16 to 25 years old humans, with repeating simplistic forms of triangles and oblong circles. Colors are generally cool and desaturated, with tertiary elements taking on warm tones for contrast within the character. Weapons for aliens resemble forms of super soakers (lots of hoses) and their suits clothing and body structure resembles costume design and art from Asian cultures. The aliens prefer to live aquatically, but can traverse all types of terrain.

Characters on the human side:
A medic (the person deeply interested in the safety of others at all times, often forgets he is as important as the rest of the crew), the leader (the boy who focuses on the overall objective so deeply, it clouds his judgement in smaller situations, afraid of his own failures), the sniper (a person who knows when to push and pull in a fight, very cautious and timid), and the heavy (the character who knows he is stronger than the rest and often uses his talents so that the others may use their strategic advantages, very sensitive and insecure).

Characters on the alien side:
            A medic (knows his place, acts efficiently, and never questions the leader, only other teammates), a leader (ignores his own shortcomings, often calls out commands and expects them to be fulfilled immediately, has a short fuse), the sniper (sees him/herself as a lone wolf, under their own guidance and follows the leader’s rules loosely, does not confront directly in disagreements, has a strong sense of personal opinion), the heavy (sees their-self as the backbone of the group and is quick to challenge the leader’s calls when he disagrees, but is easily outsmarted in debate, unstable in emotions).